1st Annual Developing Room Graduate Student Colloquium: Writing the Histories of Photography

Developing Room Graduate Student Colloquium: Writing the Histories of Photography

Writing the Histories of Photography

1st Annual Graduate Student Symposium

How do we write the histories of photography today? What sort of topics, themes, objects, and methodologies should we foreground? What are the most pressing questions that our work suggests? This event showcases six new doctoral investigations to gauge the direction of our field across numerous disciplines. The presenters will share their work with an audience of peers and an official respondent, Prof. Steffen Siegel of the Folkwang Universität der Künste. The aim is to solicit a free exchange of ideas that will help nourish all our work and lead organically toward next year’s grad workshop.


9:30: Coffee and pastries

10:00: Introduction

10:15: Stella Jungmann, Institute of Art History University of Zurich
-       'Imaging' Japan: Photographs of the Japanese Embassy in the United States, 1860.

10:40: Discussion

11:00: Donata Panizza, Rutgers University
-       Photographs of a Death Foretold: Florence's Modernization and The Alinari Brothers, 1852-90

11:25: Discussion

11:45: Anne S. Cross, University of Delaware
-       'Features of Cruelty Which Could Not Well Be Described by the Pen': The Media of Atrocity in Harper's Weekly, c. 1865

12:10: Discussion

12:30: Lunch break

2:00: Emily Doucet, University of Toronto
-       Developing the Future: Technological Determinism and 19th Century French Photography

2:25: Discussion

2:45: Margaret Innes, Harvard University
-       Action and Speech: The Photographic Program of the Workers' Film and Photo League

3:10: Discussion

3:30: Coffee break

3:45: Nicholas Morgan, Columbia University
-       The Bodily Activity of Photography: Mark Morrisroe's Late Photograms

4:10: Discussion

4:30: General discussion led by Dr. Steffen Siegel, Professor of the Theory and History of Photography, Folkwang Universität der Künste, Essen, Germany

5:00: End

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