1st Annual Developing Room Graduate Student Colloquium: Writing the Histories of Photography

Developing Room Graduate Student Colloquium: Writing the Histories of Photography

The Developing Roommannounces the first of its yearly graduate student colloquia.

The aim of this event is for Ph. D. students who are working on dissertation topics in the history of photography to share their work with an audience of peers and an official respondent, who is a leader in the field. The student's work may be in the early stages of research, near the end of drafting, or somewhere in between. Ideally the student will present a chapter or smaller section from her or his dissertation, and an account of how that chapter/section fits within the larger project. We hope to solicit a free exchange of ideas among scholars of photography’s histories. The format involves a formal presentation of 25 minutes in length, followed by 30 minutes of engaged discussion. The total number of papers will be limited to 5 but the Developing Room encourages a large audience of students in the field so as to ensure the richest conversation possible, and to build a constituency from which papers can be drawn in subsequent years.

This year’s respondent will be Steffen Siegel, Professor of the Theory and History of Photography at the Folkwang Universität der Künste (Essen, Germany). Professor Siegel has authored numerous publications that span the medium’s history from its origins (First Exposures: Writing from the Beginning of Photography, Getty Publications, 2017) to its contemporary practice (Belichtungen. Zur fotografischen Gegenwart, W. Fink Verlag, 2014). He is one of the two co-editors of the important book series photogramme

More information about the Developing Room can be found at www.developingroom.com. To apply, please send the following to developingroom@gmail.com by January 15th, 2018:
- An abstract of 250 words or less
- A short report on your dissertation’s progress, 200 words maximum
- A CV
- A short bio of 150 words.